When it comes to tooth replacement one of the first places your mind goes is “dentures”. They have been the industry standard for tooth replacement for thousands of years in some form or another. Currently, we have the most technologically advanced dentures ever produced available to us to replace anywhere from one tooth to all of your teeth.

There are two different kinds of dentures. Partial dentures are meant to replace anywhere from one tooth to one whole arch of teeth. Complete dentures are intended to replace all teeth in the mouth. Both of these appliances are typically removable.

Partial Dentures
When a few teeth are missing in your mouth, we often have the ability to replace them quickly and at little cost using a partial denture. Partial dentures use a combination of the stability of healthy surrounding teeth and metal clasps to stay put in your mouth while you go about your day.

Partial dentures typically provide a very stable and steadfast connection to surrounding teeth, which often results in a very comfortable experience. Not everyone is a great candidate for partial dentures, but if you schedule a no obligation consultation with us, we can tell you whether or not it would be a positive option for you. Usually, in order for partial dentures to be a viable option there needs to be healthy gum, bone, and teeth surrounding the site that we will fill.

Partial Denture or Dental Implant?
While partial dentures offer an affordable tooth replacement option they don’t offer too much to your mouth in regard to its ongoing health. Further, they must be removed to eat and sleep.

Dental implants offer a great solution to these issues by being a permanent fixture that bolsters the health of your surrounding teeth and gums. Implants can serve as permanent single tooth replacements, or can support all variety of multiple tooth replacements.

Complete Denture
Like a partial denture, a complete denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces all the teeth in your mouth. You need to be fully edentulous (without any natural teeth) to be able to accept a complete denture, so we sometimes have to remove on or two remaining teeth if you are hoping to have one fitted. Complete dentures are made with the teeth making up half of the fixture and a section of pink plastic resin that is made to look like your gums on the other half of the fixture.

Having a complete set of dentures requires a major lifestyle change. Some foods are not easily chewed and they often require special care instructions. Both complete and partial dentures offer patients who have experienced tooth loss a way to regain their self-confidence and give them a reason to smile again. Tooth loss is one of the hardest things to deal with when it comes to oral health, and can really take a toll on those who experience it.

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